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Relatively new to baking? Find out how we can help you

The classes below will teach you everything you need to know about baking from start to finish, No age limit, No previous experince required!

Beginner Classes: Feature


Total Class Fee: RM 700/-

If you are new to baking and want to learn how to bake from start to finish. These classes are usually where all our students start on their baking journeys.

The class is a :

3 Week Course (Once a week)

and will cover baking a :

  • Two Egg Layered Cake (Glace & Royal Icing)

  • Daffodil Cake (Book Cake with Roses)

  • Basket of Flowers Cake (With Mocha Icing)

  • Football Cake (Orange Cake)

  • Oblong Cake with Daisies (Chocolate Cake)

*Free Cake Decorating Book (Creative Cakes... with a Touch of Grace), Recipe book, Apron and Photos will be given.

*A Certificate will also be given upon completion of both the Basic 1 & Basic 2 classes.


Total Class Fee: RM 650/-

This class is the next step upon competition of the Basic 1 Class (see above). Once a student is done with the Basic 1 Class, they may proceed with this class. The class covers more advanced baking and decorating skills

The Class is a:

3 Week Course (Once a Week)

and will cover:

  • Pound Cake (American Frosting)

  • Heart Cake (Marble Cake)

  • Yule Log (Swiss Roll)

  • Doll in The Garden (Coffee Cake)

  • Mickey Mouse (Vegetarian Cake)

  • Ribbon Cake (Large Doll)

*Free Photos & Recipe Book will be given.

*A Certificate will also be given upon completion of this course


Total Class Fee: RM 420/-

This course is for boys and girls between the ages of 11-15.

The Class is a:

3 Day Course (Hands on)

and will cover making:

  1. Cornflakes Cookies

  2. Coconut Cookies  

  3. Butter Icing 

  4. Butter Cake

  5. Chocolate Marble Cake

  6. 2 Types of Designs with Roses,Daisies,Star & Leaves

*Free Apron and Photos will be given.

*Food and Drinks will also be provided.


Total Class Fee: RM 280/-

In this class, students get to measure & bake perfect cakes.

The class will cover:

  • Orange Chocolate Butter Cake

  • Coconut Butter Cake

  • Chocolate Banana Muffin

  • Cherry Pineapple Cup Cake

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