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The brains behind this amazing baking school that has impacted the lives of thousands of her graduates.


Grace Mariasoosai's cake decorating journey started in 1987, when she first met her late baking teacher, E.K. Foenander. Grace says she owes much of her success to everything she learnt from this capable lady.

Today, she runs Grace Home Cakes: a national sensation that boasts over 5,000 graduates, including many who now run their own successful baking and cake decorating businesses

Grace herself is a renowned figure in the Malaysian baking industry and has featured in multiple newspaper articles, magazines and TV shows

Her book, Creative Cakes with a Touch of Grace is available to buy online, and has sold over 3,000 to date.

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One of Malaysia's oldest baking schools.

since 1987.

As Featured on TV3, NTV 7, Star, New Straight Time, etc..

Whether you're a proficient chef or a kitchen novice, Grace Home Cakes' wide selection of specialist classes can turn you into a baking expert on everything from cakes and cake decorating to delicious desserts and cookies.

Based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, all classes are taught by our founder, Grace Mariasoosai. You'll gain expert knowledge of the proper method of baking, the ability to produce many sweet treats in your own kitchen - and many happy memories.

Learn from one of the best in the business - join the thousands of talented bakers who have successfully graduated from Grace Home Cakes.

Book a class today - or contact us to find out more.


Come join the 5,000 plus students who have already learned to bake from Grace

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